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from the people at ripley's, a spokesman says the company is offering free admission to all of the galleries on saturday december 22nd. but this is a catch, the offer is good only if the world ends on friday 21st. the spokesman says visiters who provide proof of the world end walk right in no charge. no doubt the bosses at ripley hope they get free publicity like this and bring in new paying customers. hopefully that won't work. this is it for "studio b" today. the dow is up in a big way at 110 points. neil cavuto is here for context and i will see you tonight. >>neil: republicans put the big guy on the spot. you don't get us off this cliff we will. they proposing a backup plan canceling tax increases due to hit in two weeks on everyone
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earning less than $1 million and the speaker boehner says he is raising even more revenue than he first proposed putting it now on the president would has to come up with spending cuts. fast. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. they are get close but still in deal. republicans want to make clear that if they don't get a deal it ain't or fault. they hiked taxes more than they wanted waiting for democrats they say who have not delivered any spending cuts they promised. no word on that. to capitol hill senior producer on how all of this is going down. that is the latest? >>reporter: we are told in the past couple of minutes that an official tells ed henry it is worst in the past 24 hours. they felt they took a step back because of plan (b) that speaker boehner is proposing to the conference meeting in closed conference in less than an hour, for show them what the plan is.
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we understand they will have two votes, probably thursday, one would renew all so-called bush tax cuts for those making less than $1 million a year so republicans can say, well, we didn't vote to raise taxes. there will be a second vote to renew all of the tax cuts for those making less than $200,000 a year or couples up to $250,000 a year. that is interesting here, they are trying to call the democrats' bluff. speaker boehner thinks he can muscle this through the house because they are not raising taxes. there is not a vote where people can say you voted to raise taxes but outside groups may not see it that way. they are going to point, the republics are going to point, to a letter that house minority leader nancy pelosi sent to the speaker back in may saying we think you should raise taxes on those who make more than $1 million a year for bring in more revenue. it is a game of chicken. they would kick this over to the senate. the problem in the not is
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mcconnell, the minority leader there, said he would take a look at the proposal. in his remarks he said i don't want to raise taxes on anyone but i want to provide tax breaks for as many people as possible. so this is getting very shaky. >>neil: we have heard the white house move on their figures from $250,000 and over after the $1 million offer by the speak they said $400,000. what are folks telling you they will likely settle on upper income tax? >>guest: we hear there could be a third vote, perhaps, on the $400,000 or some other level that is something that is up in the air that is far from being in concrete. they is to get republicans fully on board. a republican freshman congressman from idaho says this is a terrible idea for multiple reasons. another from ohio the most conservative member of the house of representatives says i am not doing cartwheels over this and
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people have to hear what this sounds like when it is laid out in the conference in an hour and start to hear from the lobby groups. that is going to be very touchy. some members are nut dancing in the streets. sometimes the bills, the offers, when you get to the nitty-gritty have to fail and maybe that has to happen. i talked of the troubled asset relief program in 2008 that failed in the house of representatives, it needed to fail before it passed. >>neil: both were meant to placate wall street after wall street fell almost 800 points would fall after they approved tarp ii. if we get up to christmas holidays and new year holiday all the usual traders the not be on wall street, so to have a remarkable market fluctuation
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could be more in the cards, you could have something that is more erratic than during the failed tarp vote. some think a market reaction is really what has to happen to force a deal the fact that no one can move and get to 218 votes in the house of representatives and 51 votes in the senate with a radical market reaction that gets peoples' attention and we are not there yet. people are nut there. >>neil: the target of tax hikes could be changing, the talk of tax hikes is not of the that is the problem. you argue, phil, too much obsessing how far the taxes go up and not about how much spending goes down if at all. >>guest: it is quite obvious to anyone that studies the matter, washington has a spending problem. not a revenue problem. if you look at raiding taxes on
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millionaires, president obama campaigned on increasing taxes on the millionaires and billionaires so now if you make $200,000 you are a millionaire or a billionaire. even if you do that the revenue you gain if that is not going to get us out of the problems. so here in the real world there is not a lot hope that anything that reaches, comes close to sanity will take place in washington. >>neil: what do you think of the vote among the republican caucus on the tax hikes, to millionaires in this case? anyone who votes for that, do you remember or do you vow retribution? >>guest: the feeling with most tea party members across country, there are 43 million of us, the only people that like us less than the democrats are the republicans. we say what boehner did with the committee chairs that held fast to tea party principles. in 2014, look, i was here after
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boehner was elected speaker in 2010 when the republicans returned to power and we didn't have high hopes for the republicans then. the feeling we have is that no one is serious about cutting spending in washington, dc. they may trim around the edges but no one is serious. you have bernanke printing $80 billion a month and it is phony. no one is serious. the other thing, quickly, the number one rule of negotiating is do not negotiate against yourself. speaker boehner has been doing a great deal of that. it is obvious that the democrats and president obama are not interested in making a deal so let them take it over the cliff. most machines are prepared for that. >>neil: we will see. thank you, philip, from dallas. >> if stocks are panic they had a funny way of showing it. the dow was in excess of 115
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points, bet than 3 percent in the past two weeks, largely on optimism of a deal. my guest says that is because reality has yet to sink in. now, todd, your argument is whatever is being crafted here looks like a bad deal. >>guest: that is right. wall street is giving investors early christmas present right now. here is the thing. everyone on wall street is looking at history. we have been down this road before with washington. the negotiations. the last minute deals. everyone thinks that, yes, we will have some time of resolution before year end. however, the smart money out there is picking up on this we are so far apart, knowing is going to get accomplished and you will need a miracle to get something done by the end of the year. look for serious volatility in the next couple of weeks as we close the year. >>neil: and the big players like yourself, and in a case
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where a lot of the big cheeses are not around, you could have a big, big swing in activity. say the deal is sort of hiccupping or it is a bad deal, would we see the sell off exaggerated? ted? >>guest: pardon? >>neil: would you see a big sell off if this does not go to wall street's liking or with fewer people on wall street the next couple of weeks, it could be exaggerated. >>guest: i think we set up. there is no disappointment in this market. it is a wing and a prayer. the expectation is that there will be a deal. sugar plumb fairies and christmastime, the market is setting itself up if an ugly
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response if there is no deal or as you suggest the possibility yes, there is a deal but it turns out to be a trojan horse and that is a real possibility. i, like a lot of folks, i am on the sidelines wish we had more money but you need to wait-and-see. the market is scary at the moment. >>neil: in chicago they are saying we will get a deal, no way they could not. what if we don't have a deal? >>guest: well, we significantly saw that in the market today with the sell off in gold. not only did equities rally but gold sold off $30. i disagree with todd. this is not wall street giving investors an early christmas present, this is wall street with no present to give. the stock market, the s&p is up 15 percent so far this year and as we have seen investors, hedge funds, money market funds, they are majorly underinvested in the
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stock market. they have missed the rally. they have been everinvested in the bond market. they have catching up to do with just a few trading days left. >>neil: maybe we are making too big of a deal of the cliff and maybe wall street is not obsessed. >>guest: it is topic (a) and the only thing that can put the jobs report on the back beener. here is the thing, sandra is right. this is the best place to be, stocks. but there are so many headwinds we are facing not just the next few weeks but in 2013. so regardless of a resolution or not, if we have something, we have some significant headwinds did deal with and that is what makes this treacherous territory going forward, at least in the immediate future for stocks. right new, if things are up, enjoy it while it lasts. >>neil: you say they are building a house of risky cards.
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>>guest: i think i have to disagree with sandra, but sandra, i think anyone that had anything to do in this market has done it. i think it is late for the next six or seven trading days to do anything. january could be another deal depending on how this cliff is resolved in a positive way but i think most people have closed out their year. i am not sure what is driving the train. obviously up is better than down, perhaps it is all anticipation. >>neil: two weeks to anticipate. and it all ends. we shall see. folks, thank you very much. in the mean time, adam lanza did a lot of planning ahead his rampage including smashing to bits something that can have helped investigators connect the pieces. what he did the day he died that might is slowed down the investigation as to why so men died with him.
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the lead investigator on the case is next. i always wait until the last minute.
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planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility. this information comes from a lifelong resident of sandy hook whose father is a pastor, saying he knew nancy and adam, adam was jealous of the time she volunteered at sandy hook elementary school, spending time with kindergarteners and she already the school more than him and victims she spent time with during the last school year and she was petitioning the court for a step in having an adult committed to a psychiatric facility and this source knew about it and was very upset is according to law enforcement sources he was angry and this could have been what set him off and is part of the police investigation. also, today, a very sad day here in town where there were two funerals, back-to-back funerals for two of the six-year-old victims of the shooting, one
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would loved math and recess, and little jessica rekos would loved horses and reading about them, and writing about them and hoped to get one, a horse of her own when she was ten. hundreds of mounters attempted the funerals and the newtown school district re-opened six of the seven schools or five of the seven schools and sandy hook elementary school is a crime scene. another school was the subject of a bomb threat or unspecified threat and miss did not open that elementary school. the other schools in town re-opened. the school buses had green and white ribbons. a high school senior did not expect joy in-class it did not feel like christmas this year. >>neil: you heard rick that maybe what mate him snap indications his mother would
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would have him committed. do you know about this, lieutenant? >>guest: that is information that i don't know the source but frankly, in our stage right now of investigation, we don't release pieces of information as the investigation progresses. i have in independent knowledge of that information as being authentic. >>neil: on this smashed hard drive, adam destroyed it before he went on the rampage, but that was a deliberate act. are you able, or your men and women able to putting is like this together? >>guest: i again have to throw a correction if here. we have gathered a great deal of evidence from the secondary crime seen which is a private residence and we have amass add great deal of evidence where so many lost their lives but we have not articulated information about anything seizes other than the weapons that were involved and seized in this case.
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everything else is simply not discussed. >>neil: lieutenant as we see are if of the funerals take place, it is amazing to me that the count and the funeral could have been significantly higher if the shooter had not heard the sound of sirens when he did and he tookly life. is it your sense that the weapons he did have, that his intention was to take many more? >>guest: certainly the weapons if his position was violent, extremely deadly. the maximum load clips he had, and additional ammunition, singularly the carnage was devastating and tell and heart breaking but it could have been extremely worst situation if the rescuers were not coming. >>neil: i know this could go beyond what your investigation is including and you cannot talk
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about it but there are so many schools across the country, now, that are benefiting up their own security and they have buzz in systems and metal detectors and the like. do you think any of that, and this school had such a system, certainly a buzzing system to make sure that people could be identified before they come in, but he rampaged through, do you think any of that would have done any good in this case or was adam intent on doing what he did and nothing, nothing, nothing would stop him? >>guest: well, certainly i wish i could answer that question. that is extreme difficult to answer. this young man was pound -- bound and determined to get in the institution. he forced his way, he broke his way into that school and i am not quite sure that there is anything in place that would have prevented that from
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occurring. >>neil: loot -- lieutenant i know you talked about the goal of talking to adam's brother and his father, and that has not happened but that was the goal. have you reached out to either? >>guest: i don't know. i do know we will talk to all family members related to lanza and we certainly will interview all witnesses that can shed any light on this investigation. certainly our goal is to answer every question as to how and why this heartbreaking tragedy occurred. >>neil: thank you, lieutenant, very much. we cannot blame god for the tragedies a priest and rabbi say, but sometimes we need to look no further than the mirror.
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>>neil: two more young victims were laid to rest and so many questions up answered today. how can we find peace and keep our faith at a time like this? we ask a rabbi and pastor, thank you both for joining us. rabbi, first, a last folks question even the presence of a god when something like this happens. >>guest: it was written "a baby is god's opinion that life should go on." when this happened, i think we all felt, what is god's opinion about 20 murdered babies? that life should not go on? that is where faith begins. it begins after we have been wounded and broken. it doesn't begin with some abstract belief.
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it begins when we claw our way back to believing that the good in us will win. that is the reward of faith. you must at times believe what you can't see. that people are better than they show. that there is hope. that our children will be safe. the reward of believing which you can't always see is that eventually, you see what you believe. >>neil: father, a lot of people look at what happened in connecticut and say, i know this is all about free will and god grants us this ability, but he is known for miracles now and then. why couldn't he intervene here? >>guest: well, it is not a question of whether he could have or not. it is a question of, the mystery of evil that we confront and the brokenness of our world. as a christian, we believe that
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love is made manifest in bethlehem. we certainly know that hatred and evil is often made manifest in connecticut. but the question, which is stronger? the light stronger than darkness? is love more powerful than evil, than hate? i believe it is. i believe when that baby is born in bethlehem, what happens is people take into himself all of human suffering, the suffering in connecticut, the suffering in all of human history, where every mother or father who has went for a child, every tear ever shed in public or private, will one day be obliterated by the power of that love. i agree with the rabbi, that the hope that we have is, it rests in our faith and the ability to reach beyond what we can see or feel at this moment. there is no sense, we can make no sense out of this because
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this is senseless. evil is senseless, it is unreasonable. it is antireason. what we have to do is reach for the love that comes to us in the memory of these children, the love of the nation that is poured out on that small town right now. >>neil: it is human nature, i guess, and rabbi i direct this to you, for us to want to blame someone, we can blame violent films, video, games, the n.r.a. is under attack, putting out a statement saying we are made up of four million moms and dads, we are saddened and heart broken, by the news of the senseless murders. out of respect for the families we have given our time for mourn prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. what do you thing of that? >>guest: well, it is a sadness
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that is deeply regrettable that this is their first statement. they have been silent since this horrible tragedy. what i believe is that part of a deep faith is having patience with the questions we ask. we do live in a society in which we are unnaturally trained to believe that the commercial will be over in 30 seconds, the movie in two hours and the in develop will be wrapping up loose ends. life is not like that. the solutions to this tragedy are not simple. they take us into profoundly complex social issues. as well as issues of freedom that are not wiped away by this tragedy. what i believe, we must avoid people who have simple and
1:30 pm
immediate answers to this. this conversation we are engaged in now will certainly result, i help it will result, in more sensible criminal over both ammunition and guns. it will result, i hope, in more loving and extensive help for the mentally ill. that will not end evil in the word. when people like my friend bo dietl and others say, look, the only way to stop a guy with a gun is with a gun, when they say that, i believe that. when the people who are for gun criminal say, there are more guns than people in this country, that has to change and when the president spoke eloquently about thises i believe him, too, these are social issues that cannot be pushed cornered our ability to see their implications. >>neil: fathers finally, when
1:31 pm
you talk to the flock, they are getting increasingly scared about their fellow man. they see this shooting. they see mall shooting a couple of weeks prior, and the shoot of in aurora at a movie theater. they see increasingly human beings turning on each other in violent ways. these could be exceptions to the human rule of decency but they are more punctuated and increasingly more common. what do you tell them? >>guest: i say that love wins in the end. it could be we see a great deal of evil because our focus is when the dog bites the man, that is the thing we are attracted to, to looking at, but if we can focus on other models because this is every bit as much good and love and generosity in the world even in the middle of the
1:32 pm
tragedy we have been hearing stories of teacher whose have lost their lives protecting the children so if we held up those models and enter the expense of grief with the people, it will calm our fears. right now is the least rationale moment for discussing any detail of policy. it is the embrace love. >>neil: i appreciate your appearing. we will try to put some semblence of, why? pastor rick warren will be here tomorrow.
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>>neil: do you remember the ad, a few months ago that made food stamps look like a betty crocker commercial. >> if you want to eat right, snap can help, for people with low income, young and old.
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>>neil: the government has done one better courtesy of youtube. offering on youtube how to customize government benefits to suit you. pick and choose the hand outs you have coming and hand out you did not know existed. >> first answer all of the nine simple core questions that are essential to narrowing your results. remember, the more questions you answer, the pore likely you are to be eligible if the benefits that appear on your results list. we hope this has helped you on your path to government benefits >>neil: point and click to the girl who finds we are now encouraging people to get more benefits. >>guest: this shows the hypocrisy of president obama and his administration. president obama claims he is negotiating this good faith with republicans to prevent the country from dropping off the fiscal cliff and deal with our
1:37 pm
acute government spending problem and doubt. what does he do? he is recruiting americans to get more government benefits. i took the test, and i told, i answered 50 questions, and i let the government know i am fully employed, i own my own home, guess what the magic number was for me? i can qualify if eye popping 28 government programs most of which i have never heard of. this --. >>neil: and you work and have a job? >>guest: last time i looked. this in all seriousness --. >>neil: in this case, we reached out, by the way, to the site for a statement and we have not heard back, but hope springs eternal. i understand the method, here it is, here is what you are eligible for but you found out that as a working woman you are eligible for a heck of a lot and i cannot imagine what someone
1:38 pm
who does nut have a job what they are eligible for and it is go get it. >>guest: think about this. the president said in 2008 he wanted to transform america. you think about the rhetoric he is spewing out where he wants to raise taxes on one class of americans and he wants to encourage more americans to be dependent upon government, it looks to me like president obama wants to transform this country from a nation of exceptionalism and individual opportunity into we are dependent on government and we aspire to be slaves of the state. >>neil: you don't buy the argument that has been out there, this is not the president or the white house, but this has been coe lated a benefits checklist, a menu, you can check off, because it is all out there but it has just now been put together. >>guest: don't you find it odd we want as a nation to have a
1:39 pm
portal and put all the tremendous amount of government programs into one place so more people could take advantage of this? should we be teaching americans individual responsibility and how to self sustain themselves? i told someone the other day being on welfare and government programs ain't going to help you buy a house in the suburbs or send your kids to college. >>neil: just wait. just wait. >>guest: not yet. >>neil: after the school shooting incident in connecticut , take down any ad, movie, showing shooting, period. are we overreacting? hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: after the shooting, the editing from the flat screen to the silver screen, gun scenes are hitting the cutting floor. >>guest: movie studios and division networks are making
1:43 pm
efforts to show less violence for the time being. one company for example scaled back today's premiere of a slavery revenge film that was supposed to be a big red carpet media event and now it will be a private screening for cast, crew and friends and family and delayed the weekend premiere of a new action thriller, and the film society postponed a discussion with tom cruise out of respect for the newtown families. and science fiction channel rescheduled violence at a high school until next week and another special from december 26 is moved to january 6, and our sister company, fox shows repeats of family guy and american dad on sunday because of potential licensive content in the new episodes scheduled to arab and show time airs a warning for viewers before a show of a serial killer and homeland, a series of terrorism
1:44 pm
saying "in light of the tragedy that has occurred in connecticut the following program contains images that could be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised." i would not bet we have seen the last of violence on the screens but for now, it seems to be hollywood's way of paying respect. >>neil: so, thank you. is hollywood going too far? or is there a real problem with the onscreen violence? we are asking to moms. overreaction? >>guest: nothing is an overreaction but there may not be a direct causal relationship between violence on the screen and violence committed by people that are really mentally insane. it is not an excuse. but this man was terribly stubbed. what is more of a causal relationship is the isolation, the lack of attachment, the lack
1:45 pm
of empathy, the fact this child had no social relationships. that is more of a reason know violence and the mental health, certainly, of the young people. a lot of boys today use video games and movies like that for social relationships. they slit and -- sit and do them together and run outside and play football. >>neil: so there is no connection. i understand why the companies would in this environment cool it on the ads but a lost them are afraid necessity will be forcibly told if you are not going to take the guns and violence out of the movies can you not promote the movies. >>guest: as a parent, the two young boys and as a parental expert, that is very important as a job for us as parents to see what is going on in the homes, to make sure our children are not playing violent video
1:46 pm
games and they are not watching violent videos. i have a five and nine-year-old and in my home it it is very important we are not watching them playing violent video games. i would be for, they will not go away entirely but i would make it so that we could probably take it away, yes. >>neil: we tend to overreact and what happens is, then, we go way overboard and if all we know in adam's case we heard a reporter this hour saying what might have spurred this rage was the mother thinking about committing him, and he heard about it and shot her and went crazy and shots kids in the choose room where she volunteered and supposedly robbing them of this. >>guest: that is absolutely true. i feel as though this man was
1:47 pm
very disturbed for very long period of time. and the fact that he didn't have the proper help and the proper mental health, and wasn't in an environment where he could be supported was the problem. the --. >>neil: their argument is we are desensitized as are the kids because it is all around them and maybe if it is not all around them we will be better 789 >>guest: it will be there, regardless, there will always be provide length video games and violent movies, it is a parents' choice what we expose our children to and at what point. >>neil: is that your call or the government? >>guest: my call. >>neil: do you agree? >> i believe that parents need to know there are other things a child can do beside video games and there can be a limit on the amount of time. it is not the only thing a child
1:48 pm
does. children need to go outside. go out and place. parents need to know parenting. parents need to know they have to recognized when their child is so disturbed they get the child help rather than just isolate the child. >>guest: or be in denial. >> or use this entertainment as a substitute. >>guest: i feel as though by isolating adam lanza and i am not their psychiatrist and there is no judgment intended, it brought him further into his own mind and that is what mental illness is, people live if their own mind. >>neil: thank you both, ladies. so much we don't know. talk about videos that go viral my conversation with a congressman that continues to generate controversy, focus on request i was interrupting not at what she was trying to say
1:49 pm
but why that chit chat proves we could all be in deep "chit." ..
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>>neil: everything he said was taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes. >> you never stopped talking to listen to me. you have not heard a i said. >>neil: what would you cut? >> there are a number of things we can look at. >>neil: you told me what you would to do raise taxes. that is what you told me. credits. >>guest: you cannot talk about, you is to talk about revenue generation. >>neil: i know but it is 100 percent of what you are talking about. >>guest: it and not 100 percent of what i am talking about. if you shut up for a second.
1:53 pm
>>neil: cong me one anyone that you say you would cut. what would it be? >>guest: well i do know but i have to have time to explain it. >>neil: you cannot tell me. >>guest: it has to be some type dialogue the we have not had that. we have to see what is being proposed so we can react to it. we have said what we are willing to look at. >>neil: you haven't, hope springs eternal. >> i know we debated. you decided. no wonder we have in deal. that was the democratic texas congresswoman confirming why we are going to make a deal, we are going to go over the fiscal cliff.
1:54 pm
from said you blues forked, you bullied, i switched the equal a. and another, you are arrogant, rude and a bully. another, why did you come back to apologize if your behavior? the congresswoman would not answer director questions did not offer one program to cut and told you to shut up. i would have had told her to stick it where the sun don't shine. >> and another says the only thing you had to apologize for was the vein popping out of your neck. i have not seen you this angry since the hostess bankruptcy. >> she was overtime top, talk about a dimwit. >> my problem with the congresswoman, like many of her colleagues, when it comes to spelling out how they will control spending they can't and they won't. i offered every opportunity i could to state just one program she would cut. just one. nothing. not one. noun is addressing the spending program.
1:55 pm
from palm beep, i wish you cut her off. >> john, she is a poster child of what is wrong with congress. >> and another from men michigan, you are my super hero the only one who insists the questions be asked and answered. >> and another, please stop being so rude, you make me ashamed to call myself a conservative. >> you make me ashamed to think as a conservative you would accept the congresswoman's constant dodging. >> and another, from ted, you deserve a raise. she was more difficult than the i-man. >> no one is as difficult as 9 -- i-man. >> she is an idiot for blathering but you are a bigger it idea for inviting her. >> and right after that exchange i had a double shot of scotch and you look better blurred.
1:56 pm
everything does. >> i can well understand you reaching for the bolt but sometimes with guests like that, so do i. not during the show. the problem is, we have politicians who are drunk on spending and i am saying, perhaps rudely, is that they have to sober up otherwise the country is going down. that doesn't noon i am saying we should not see taxes at part of the deal. as i have said many times elections do have consequences, and one of the consequences of this election is that voters clearly favored the rich paying more taxes. i am not for that. we will likely see nothing from that. but, let's move on and accept that so we can do which: cut spending. it must be part of an overall deal addressing the propensity to spend more than we take in. the congresswoman isn't the problem. her insistence that spending isn't even an issue, that is the problem. i might strike some of you as
1:57 pm
weird and rude, and a little in your face but we don't have time for bluster or nonanswers. if you are look at races -- raising questions, we have to address spending. we are looking at 50 deal, and a year ago they were talking $3 in spend cuts for $1 in tax hikes. and god knows now where it will end. this is something the next treasury secretary will have to take up. we understand american express c.e.o. has been mentioned more prominently as a possibility successor. we are watching with more of this tonight. this holiday, share everything.
1:58 pm
share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. hurry in for a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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